One OK Rock Ambitions Tour 2018


Last 9th of January 2018, Monday night. Japanese Rock band ‘One OK Rock‘ hit the SM Mall of Asia Arena Concert Grounds’ Stage as they show wonderful performance to their Filipino fans and I’m so very lucky to witness and enjoy their performance and their heart felt songs.


From left to right: Toru Yamashita: Guitar and Vocals; Tomoya Kanki: Drums; Taka or Takahiro Moriuchi: Main Vocals; Ryota Kohama: Bass.

Time check @5:00 pm lines were already lining up and fans throughout the country are starting to arrive, some even socialize with one another forming a new bond and friendship because of the band. Some event took the next trip to Manila from different provinces, booked a hotel just to attend the concert.

Credits from the owner

We were able to enter @8pm inside and crowds are starting to fill in as some were buying snacks and merchandises from the outside hall.



As lights starts to dim off and the introduction music starts to play fans who are eagerly waiting for the group starts to yell as one by one they appear from the stage. The performance started with an intense song ‘Bombs Away’ and fans also sang along.



I’m may not be a die hard fan of the band but I really like their songs and feel astonished for their performance throughout the night. It’s like you can also feel their happiness they felt being on stage and for their fans continuous support, they even gave a fan service of a Tagalog greeting for the fans which is veeeeery cute.



You wouldn’t miss Taka’s famous high note from the song ‘Take What You Want’ that left the audience breathless and jaws dropped. Might have been the reason why one guy had shouted words of affection for him which had left quite an impression to some Filipino fans.





      Fans presented a banner as a gift for the band with their greetings and signature. That they took a selfie of it together with the crowd.

Though the almost 3 hours of concert is a bit short for me and the fans who still kept on wanting more I can say that it is still worth it. This post is almost 2 months late for the event but with their latest achievement and their new song ‘Change’. I congratulate the band for their handwork and their never ending love for their music and fans.


Filipino fans will be waiting for the next concert soon and I won’t be missing out on it too. I needed to save up for a different concert experience next time.





Ozine Fest 2017

Last April 8 2017, Me and my sister went to Ozine Fest 2017 at SM Megamall.

Although the gang is not complete, we had fun. I tried to cosplay Umaru chan though I didn’t have the chance to use wig though

We haven’t that much time since there’s also an additional fee for the concert we were able to watch for the battle of the bands.

I was able to purchase looooooots of merchs to the event

 I am looking forward to tbe next event. (・∀・) See yah next time ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

April Fools @RFA

Since it’s April 1st what will happen to our lives @RFA?

This April Fools day Cheritz had updated for a new special 

What makes this day more interesting was the change of the personalities of the characters though I still don’t know their different stories yet, I’m laughing at the different display of humor with their pictures, chats, messages and even the calls. Not to mention the funny profiles

This one’s goes for Jumin which has the most impact to my day. I never would’ve imagine him talk like that (>y<)

I think 707’s funny joke never misses (´∀`)

Am I the one who’s seeing her as a cutie cinnamon roll with the profile? (●´∀`●)

The badass Yoosung is adorable too (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Spare the hiccups it his birthday though I didn’t prepare so much a capcake and some chocolates had made the day great.

Yes yes I know Zenny, no need to make it a point but since it’s your day I’ll let it go. (send me one of your selfies latuuur ❤❤❤)

I’m totally asking for more pranks (*´∀`*) and since the day doesn’t end yet there are so much more pranks that I will encounter enjoy your April Fools day everyone and I’ll enjoy mine too ^^ ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

Cosplay Carnival 2k17

Last 26 is the 2nd day of Cosplay Carnival held at SMX Convention Center and also the Yuri on Ice : Born to Make History fan gathering at Pasig.

This day is really a challenging one since we needed to drop by two locations for a day and if we could have had decided to do cosplay too at the YOICON I think it would be also challenging.

Here was the schedule for the Cosplay Carnival.

By the way me and my sibs had planned to coaplay the characters in Fukumenkei Noise (・∀・)

Although we were really expecting so much for this day I think there will always something that will never go the way you wanted to be. Lemme go and share the story to you guys on what happened that day.

╮(─▽─)╭ It was actually our fault that we traveled a little bit late from iyr planned time but by the time we arrived at SM Mall of Asia it’s already 1:45 pm or so. Since we haven’t taken any food yet we decided to eat first which is kinda hassle since the restaurants and the fastfood stores are full so we found it hard to find a place to eat without too much people. The great thing was that we were able to find one but we arrived at tye call convention at around 3pm which leaves us in some sort of a dilemma since the program we wanted to watch in Pasig starts at 4pm. 

(I met 707, I planned to steal his chips but he already ate all tho.)

We hurriedly left the convention and went straight ahead Pasig which is to my dismay had been such a disappointment.

Why? I’m not criticizing or whatsoever you call it I do appreciate the organizer’s effort to make the event possible but I’m really disappointed in such a way that I’m really expecting too much. When we arrived the guard there blocked our way since they do not sell ticket anymore by thw time we had our ticket (since we already had an online application for the ticket but it’s only for two people and we lack one. We waited for too long until they printed the tickets again.)

Next is the area’s space. It is so much crowded and you can’t move an inch and you couldn’t see the guest since others are lining up in the front. But I must say that these are part of it and we cannot demand so much from them (╥_╥)

Even if the day we had is tiring and a little bit stressful we had so much fun and we are looking forward for more events and different people we can make friends with. (*^▽^*)

Scary Unknown ╥﹏╥

Hi guys! This time I planned to have a bad ending and the fastest way is to make Unknown angry the first time you speak to him before you met the other characters. 

It was unplanned but I’m inventing and checking for different responses to the reply options.

How to make him angry is as simple as declining his suggestion for you to enter the apartment and pretebding you didn’t see the password

Although it’s kinda scary it’s fun to have a new experience with this game aside from the sweet and funny moments it was also worth it since I was able to get this picture

I’m looking forward now in seeing different endings be it good or bad since the best thing is that I was able to enjoy this game without too much pressure and such.

Zenny’s route

So the next route that I’ve decided was Zen’s route although he’s really the first route that I’ve decided when I first started the game due to some problems I’ve shifted to Yoosung but hey I’m back with Zen and his narcissism (>y<)

At first I thought that this route is easy since he already showed his interest to the MC (me) in the first day but hey there’s also a complicated issue to resolve with this route 

Say hi to echo girl (¬_¬)ノ The antagonist and the B in this route haha though I do admit she really has a big oppai LOL

It almost took me a couple of minutes to decide what to choose to the option in this scene (to the point of bugging my sister to choose)

But all hail we reached the ending although this is really not the end and since I’m a newbie with this game I’ll continue the thrills and excitement this game has to offer. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I’ll keep the kiss in my dreams ( ˘ ³˘)♥

First Conquer (´∀`) -Yoosung ❤❤❤

I’m pretty much into playing this Otome Game by Cheritz called Mystic Messenger. It’s been a year or so since it has been released but I’m glad I was able to play this game even if I’m still starting.

I planned to start everything first with the casual story and after I have finished the endings in it I’ll start with the deep story.

 As part of the game the MC which is me will fall into a route based on the responses I made during the conversations. So the route that I was into is in Yoosung’s route, actually I started Zen’s route first however I lost the data so I planned to start off with a different route.

The game will last for 11 days, the 11th day is for the party and the ending. Each day with different time for the conversations and the player will also need to answer to the emails correctly so that the guest will join the party.

Anyways, uhm I don’t have that much knowledge and such since I’m relatively a first timer to this game but I’ll put effort in finishing the endings with this game.

As much as I have said, I finished Yoosung’s Route with a good ending so I’m really really happy yowyowyow can’t contain the happiness by myself so I’ll share it with you guys.

Although I’m not asking to look expect much from me guys, I hope you’ll be with my adventure in Mystic Messenger look forward to my other posts (>y<)

See yah~