The start (•ᴗ•)

Ever since, I’ve liked watching Anime and I remembered singing along with its opening songs. 

I’m not the out-going type of person I’m actually a shy one so it hasn’t crossed my mind that I would want to do something that will gain notice so I barely attend conventions and other activities. As an Anime fan I’m kinda contented to watch Anime and read Mangas along with buying different merchandises.

I think the reason why I decided to start joining conventions was because of this

Mystic Messenger is a type of a messenger app wherein you can chat with its characters (especially those good looking guys) ahem which I recently became addicted to.

The original plan for me was just to drop by and buy MM merchandises however due to some reasons I stayed for a little bit and felt way way more happy throughout the event that I began to realize how fun is it to socialize with people whom you have the same fandom as you, to talk to someone who understands your likes, dislikes and your hobby.

Then I decided that starting that day I’ll attend the conventions and participate I the event for once I wanted to change and become better.

Please join my adventures as I partake my role as a wandering rabbit into this wonderland. ❤❤❤


Newieeee ^^

This is my first post on my blog. First of all I am really not expecting anyone to even see this since this is much more for my own entertainment and I think I’m the kind person who often talks to herself.

If by any accident that you’ve reached my page let thy humble servant of yours welcome you :”””>

I will be posting more from now on my adventures with the Anime conventions that I’ll be attending here @Philippines and much much more.