Cosplay Carnival 2k17

Last 26 is the 2nd day of Cosplay Carnival held at SMX Convention Center and also the Yuri on Ice : Born to Make History fan gathering at Pasig.

This day is really a challenging one since we needed to drop by two locations for a day and if we could have had decided to do cosplay too at the YOICON I think it would be also challenging.

Here was the schedule for the Cosplay Carnival.

By the way me and my sibs had planned to coaplay the characters in Fukumenkei Noise (・∀・)

Although we were really expecting so much for this day I think there will always something that will never go the way you wanted to be. Lemme go and share the story to you guys on what happened that day.

╮(─▽─)╭ It was actually our fault that we traveled a little bit late from iyr planned time but by the time we arrived at SM Mall of Asia it’s already 1:45 pm or so. Since we haven’t taken any food yet we decided to eat first which is kinda hassle since the restaurants and the fastfood stores are full so we found it hard to find a place to eat without too much people. The great thing was that we were able to find one but we arrived at tye call convention at around 3pm which leaves us in some sort of a dilemma since the program we wanted to watch in Pasig starts at 4pm. 

(I met 707, I planned to steal his chips but he already ate all tho.)

We hurriedly left the convention and went straight ahead Pasig which is to my dismay had been such a disappointment.

Why? I’m not criticizing or whatsoever you call it I do appreciate the organizer’s effort to make the event possible but I’m really disappointed in such a way that I’m really expecting too much. When we arrived the guard there blocked our way since they do not sell ticket anymore by thw time we had our ticket (since we already had an online application for the ticket but it’s only for two people and we lack one. We waited for too long until they printed the tickets again.)

Next is the area’s space. It is so much crowded and you can’t move an inch and you couldn’t see the guest since others are lining up in the front. But I must say that these are part of it and we cannot demand so much from them (╥_╥)

Even if the day we had is tiring and a little bit stressful we had so much fun and we are looking forward for more events and different people we can make friends with. (*^▽^*)