First Conquer (´∀`) -Yoosung ❤❤❤

I’m pretty much into playing this Otome Game by Cheritz called Mystic Messenger. It’s been a year or so since it has been released but I’m glad I was able to play this game even if I’m still starting.

I planned to start everything first with the casual story and after I have finished the endings in it I’ll start with the deep story.

 As part of the game the MC which is me will fall into a route based on the responses I made during the conversations. So the route that I was into is in Yoosung’s route, actually I started Zen’s route first however I lost the data so I planned to start off with a different route.

The game will last for 11 days, the 11th day is for the party and the ending. Each day with different time for the conversations and the player will also need to answer to the emails correctly so that the guest will join the party.

Anyways, uhm I don’t have that much knowledge and such since I’m relatively a first timer to this game but I’ll put effort in finishing the endings with this game.

As much as I have said, I finished Yoosung’s Route with a good ending so I’m really really happy yowyowyow can’t contain the happiness by myself so I’ll share it with you guys.

Although I’m not asking to look expect much from me guys, I hope you’ll be with my adventure in Mystic Messenger look forward to my other posts (>y<)

See yah~